LMS3 - TYPO3 E-Learning System

Why should you use a content management system as a basis for E-Learning?

Quite simple: You get both worlds. The one of the best CMS systems for building a web portal with complete control over the layout and with many additional options that no LMS offers you.

On the other hand, the CMS becomes an LCMS - a Learning Content Management System. Learning processes and content production are combined on one platform.

Would you like to find out what possibilities LMS3 offers you?

We have compiled all the functions and features of the TYPO3 distribution LMS3 on one page.

If you would like to experience a complete demo course yourself as a user, then you can request a test account. In the course, the functions and features are fully explained and demonstrated.

To the Features

Software Purchase

You would like to run LMS3 on your server? Then we offer you the extensions. Of course with defined support for the extensions we create.

LMS3 Hosting

You need a hosted LMS3 platform? No problem. Together with our partner LCube - Professional Hosting e.K., we offer you various packages.  High-performance, secure and DSGVO-compliant.

TYPO3 Scorm Player

SCORM content in LMS3 and in TYPO3 installations in general can be imported and played with the TYPO3 Scorm Player. With the reporting you can check the success of the users.

Our Customers

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