LMS3 - The TYPO3 E-Learning Distribution

TYPO3 is known as a powerful editorial system and is used in several tens of thousands of installations in Germany alone. LEARNTUBE! has developed a series of extensions with which you can set up e-learning projects.

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All features as a presentation for download (PDF)

The following are the functions and properties of the distribution

LCMS - Learning-Content Management by TYPO3

Lernplattform und Content Management in einer Plattform vereint (Learning Content Management - LCMS).


Access Control for Lessons and Content

The access control for lessons and content is a central component of LMS3.


Certificates based on the performance in the Course

Certificates for the successfully completed course.


Learning Progress & Reporting for Participants and Trainers

Learning progress and reports provide information on learning success.


On-page Alert-Funktion - Benachrichtigungen nach Login

Mit den On-page Alert-Funktion Teilnehmer:innen nach dem Login aktuell oder situativ über Ereignisse informieren.

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Coming Soon: Bookmarks and Notes

Bookmark and Annotate any pages in Courses.


Mark changes and send for information

Send changes in the course by e-mail and set notices.


Course access by Code or Purchase (Shop)

You can restrict access to the course in various ways.


Course Catalogue - Course Dates and Categories

Via the course catalogue, participants actively enrol in the course.


The LMS3 Test/Assessment Module

In LMS3, tests can be used to record learning outcomes.


E-Learning interactive Toolbox with H5P

E-learning courses should be animating and use the strengths of the Internet.


Course notification - from the welcome to the end

Course notifications are an important building block for pre-defining courses.


Management - Credits, Trials & Enrolments

Allocate credits, reset tests and registrations.


PDF Viewer with search function, comments & attachments

Display PDF's online and create documentation.


Personal Address of the Users

At any point after login, address the user.


... and many more options through TYPO3

Basically, when choosing TYPO3, you benefit from a large number of extensions.


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