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Why LMS3 Hosting?

You get a turnkey TYPO3 server with LMS3 e-learning extensions and a demo course from us.

Updates, be it functional updates or security releases, will be integrated by us immediately. You can fully concentrate on your business.

We take care of the operation on servers in Germany and under consideration of the requirements of the DSGVO.

The LMS3 extensions as well as the extensions of other authors that are used refer to the current version 10, which is associated with a Long Term Support (LTS). There are guaranteed security bug fixes until March 2023.

See: https://get.typo3.org/version/10

After that we can offer you an update to the next LTS version. Furthermore, extended security bugfixes are already offered for previous TYPO3 versions. This will be the same for the current version.

Isn't this runtime too short?

The internet is changing. All software applications are affected by updates. Just think about your operating system. In addition, there are adaptations to the programming language (PHP) over the years. All software applications based on PHP are also subject to this change. A LTE version gives you a good basis for planning.

The installation fee includes a basic adjustment:

  • Integration of the logo
  • Change of standard colors
  • Change of font

If you would like a completely individual design, we can make you an offer. Just send us your designs. Do you need a design or a complete CI? Then our graphics department can advise you.

As we do not issue licenses, there is no limit to the number of users and editors. The only limitation is the resources of the server. If these are no longer sufficient, you can always increase the number of users and editors.

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